Wilds Games
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The Wilds Protocol is a fully autonomous liquidity and incentive infrastructure explicitly built for on-chain games requiring a counterparty asset vault.

For Developers

  • Build your games using the Wilds Protocol smart contract game engine, and achieve 1-sec finality providing a seamless user experience.
  • Propose your game to the Wilds DAO, and get it plugged into the deep Wilds Liquidity Pool, providing direct payouts to your players.
  • Incentivize your players with vWilds emissions, and earn a commission from the vWilds minted through your smart contracts.
  • Be a part of a growing ecosystem of games built on-chain and be a part of a vibrant dev ecosystem.

For Players

  • Each game is played and settled immediately on-chain through immutable smart contracts.
  • Get your incentives immediately paid on each transaction in the form of vWilds.
  • Transparent incentives - promotions are rewarded on-chain, with no hidden leaderboards and no jackpots that never get distributed.
  • Decentralized oracles generate random numbers with no tampering.

For Investors - Liquidity Providers

  • Mathematically protected edge for your liquidity.
  • On-chain incentives to drive volume, rewarding players a portion of your revenues.
  • Autonomous and decentralized reserves with no ownership, providing the house from using your funds for malicious activities.